This Baby Keeps Disappearing From Bed, So Mom Installs A Camera And What She Saw Stunned Her

This Baby Keeps Disappearing From Bed, So Mom Installs A Camera And What She Saw Stunned Her

This is a real life occurrence!

Parent’s concern about her child’s safety starts from the moment the child is born. Then all the time it’s about safety, from baby monitors and safe pacifiers to strollers and car seats. Parents want to keep their babies out of danger using the most reliable items possible. One couple has worked hard in this story to ensure their child’s safety, only to be stunned at how she continues to outweigh their efforts.

Little did they know there is some support for their baby girl. A secure crib is a must for health well-being for a child. The crib is also what parents need to get a good night’s sleep because they know their child is out of the way of danger.


Chris and Nina, Arizona are a kind of parents, who’s daughter Chloe, who was just 15 months old, had her own bed with good safe guard around it. The parents would put her to bed every night, close the door to her room, and go to sleep. ,Nina woke up one early morning and went out to the kitchen for some coffee and breakfast. She was shocked seeing the young child Chloe wondering around the family room playing with her toys under their family dog’s watchful eye, bleu and colby.

When she was asked she then explained that she came out from her bedroom only to see the child playing around the room, and was a shock to her.

And the husband went to the child’s room to check what may had happened, but everything was still in order. Then they were left wondering how could a baby of 15 month come down and open the door too.

And it was the first time it had ever happened, Growing up? “Chris. They tried to think about how Chloe could have escaped, maybe they didn’t close the door completely after settling Chloe in her bed the night before. Confused, but thinking it was a one-time incident, the parents let it go for the time being and focused on a fun day with their child. The parents made sure they turned on the baby monitor in their room to hear any movement in Chloe’s roots.

The parents sat down questioning Chloe how she got out of her bedroom. But despite her parents’ best efforts, Chloe just giggled and declined to say anything more, their daughter kept coming out of her room nightly. Every night Chloe wakes up from the room and begins wandering around the house, singing and playing with her toys, with her two dogs faithfully following behind her.

The parents were almost going nuts, what was going on, how did Chloe get out of her bed every evening? The couple started losing themselves more and more sleeps, worried how Chloe might get around the house at night. Nina was upset, she even contemplated sleeping on Chloe’s bedroom floor, carrying in an air matress. Then, a different possibility arose. Finally, Chris and Nina agreed to buy a baby camera to put in the bedroom of Chloe, to record what was happening.

They figured that it is camera if anything could show them how their daughter could disappear from her room. And they set it up carefully on the wardrobe facing Chloe’s room. And they were once again awoken by a 15 month old in the early hours of the next day, parading around the house, throwing toys everywhere. The parents, feeling tired, went to the baby’s room to see what had happened. The outcome was not what they expected, and the couple watched the video in amazement and curiosity.

Around 6:05AM, two incredibly excited dogs ran into the room to wake up to their little friend, the door to Chloe’s room bust open. It was the family dogs, Colby and bleu, the two dogs seemingly didn’t feel like waiting for their best friend and little sister to start their day.

So the dogs actually pushed open the door, and went over to Chloe, waking her up by repeatedly leaking her face. So when she woke up, choe followed her criminal associates out of her bedroom and out into the corridor with eagerness. Finally, Chris and Nina had an explanation from her room about Chloe’s sudden disappearance, she had help all along.

We discovered in this story that you can go very far to keep your child safe because you continue to have confidence that she has chosen the friends who are well around her. And that they will always have her back.

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