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Man Arrested After he Slept with Over 100 Dead Bodies in the Mortuary, he Also Killed Innocent Girls

Married hoarder David Fuller, a man from the United States has admitted that he killed two women in 1987 namely Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in Tunbridge, Wells. It is said that after killing the two, he secretly slept with them at least 3 times to satisfy his desires inside the morgue.

The mother of the deceased girl who was assaulted by the hospital electrician while she lay in the morgue has questioned the management on how easily the man made his way into the morgue and committed such a heinous act, she now wants the trust boss to quit his job as a way of showing that he has been overwhelmed by his work.

The action took place over 3 decades ago, but police officers through their investigative department found out that the man did the act after conducting a DNA test. Fuller was arrested at his home in 2020 but before he revealed that he killed the two females, the police detectives found out that the 67-year-old man satisfied himself with over 100 dead bodies secretly in the hospital.

The court found out that the man kept a record of the dead bodies he had slept with using his handwriting and kept it at home, he shared the happenings to his wife alone.

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