Why Last-Minute Moves In PDP Show That South May Lose Out While North Will Grab 2023 PDP Ticket

Stakeholders in the opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP are preparing ahead of the NEC meeting of the PDP which will take place on Thursday this week.

The outcome of that meeting will show what the Southern and Northern regions should expect as it regards the region that will produce the presidential candidate of the PDP.

The Northern PDP cabals want the North to produce the 2023 presidential candidate of the PDP because to them, the South has spent more years in Aso Rock than the North going by the zoning arrangement of the PDP.

The Southern politicians in PDP are against such an idea because to them, the 8 years of President Buhari has altered such calculation.

However, last-minute moves in the PDP suggest that the South may lose out as the North will finally grab the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP. That will form the basis of our discussion in this piece.

Why do last-minute moves in the PDP show that the South may lose out while the North will grab the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP? 

According to Tribune newspaper, Northern PDP power brokers have different strategies to grab the ticket at the expense of the South. They have raised a strong delegate which has the likes of Sule Lamido and Ahmed Markafi.

The aim is to convince the NEC to reject the zoning of the national chairmanship to the North.

They appear to have the upper hand as it stands now because the South-West which wants to produce the National Chairman is not happy with the zoning of national chairmanship to the North.

It is a game of North and South-West against South made up of South-South, South-East and Benue State because Governor Ortom is in support of the 2023 Southern President.

Strong indications have emerged that the NEC may rectify zoning of national chairmanship to the North but will throw the presidential contest open to pacify top Northern PDP cabals like Atiku Abubakar and Aminu Tambuwal who are interested in the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP.

Going by the number of states in the North, it will be a smooth ride for the North to grab the 2023 presidential ticket.

The North has 19 States while the South has 17 States. The simple mathematics shows that they will have more delegates to the PDP presidential primary election than the South.

Although Benue State will likely support the South, South-West which has 6 states and wants the National Chairman of the PDP at all costs will add to the number of delegates that will vote for the emergence of a Northern presidential candidate.

I see an alliance with the North and the South-West which will surrender the ticket to the North.

Thereafter the PDP national chairman from the North will step down for someone from the South-West to take over since the national chairman and the presidential candidate cannot come from the same region.

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  • You people are really ignorant and write out of point. But you actually think you know and that is the name of the South.

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