Twitter Ban: Why Buhari Lifted The Ban On Independence Day

On the first of October, Nigerians commemorate Independence Day, which is a national holiday recognised by the government. On 1 October 1960, Nigeria declared its independence from British authority, marking the 50th anniversary of the proclamation. After a lot of struggles that Nigerians have gone through for independence, it has come to our notice that Nigeria was given Independence from the Federal Republic of Nigeria on October 1, 1960, marking the beginning of a new era in the country’s history according to source.

According to the source, it was noticed that it was three years later that the constitution was changed and the country was renamed the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with former Governor-General Nnamdi Azikiwe becoming the country’s first President. The first anniversary of independence began on December 31, 1960. Lieutenant David Ejoor, who later went on to become Chief of Army Staff, was given the privilege of leading the guard at the midnight flag raising ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

Today is the 1st of October, normally known as Independence Day, and Federal Government of Nigeria has declared Twitter ban lifted. Twitter is a social media platform that helps a lot of people in the world to get information about anything happening in their country or worldwide. Twitter was banned by the Federal Government of Nigeria on the 5th of June 2021, after Twitter deleted President Buhari’s tweet concerning Nigeria.

The Federal Government of Nigeria might have had a second thought of them banning Twitter for Nigerians and regretted their wrongful thought about the platform and how it’s affecting a lot of people in Nigeria in terms of getting more information and promotion of business.

Although Twitter is found very useful in the Nigeria community, because it helps a lot of people in Nigeria when they promote other people’s businesses on the platform and for them to see the latest information on Nigeria and around the world.

In my opinion, I would like Nigerians to do the needful by not misusing their chance as the Federal Government of Nigeria has lifted the ban. I will like them to be mindful of what they say or post anything against the Federal Government of Nigeria so the opportunity given to them can last or it might not end well again.

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