Notorious Bandit Leader, Turji Kachalla, Allegedly Flees From Military Raids In Zamfara State

Even before the Military started the invasions of the Bandits in their hideouts deep inside the forest in Zamfara State, different daily activities were either banned or suspended.

These include: banning the sale of fuel in cans, the suspenson of weekly markets activities, banning of motorcycles and tricycles from overloading. Also, the movement of livestock and food materials both in and out of the state, unless with convincing explanations, was suspende. And above all, telecommunication was disconnected the state.

In the course of the Military incursions in the forest where the bandits are hiding, in addition to the above-mentioned bans and suspensons, hundreds of them (the Criminals) have been killed, injured and captured, as well as a good number of their weapons also seized. However, some of them still reportedly managed to survive the raids.

And sources have been alleging that they have been fleeing to neighbouring states for safer hideouts to continue their nefarious activities. One of them is Turji Kachalla who is possibly the most notorious and the number one wanted among them.

According to reports, Turji and his foot soldiers have relocated from Fakai in Zamfara State to East of Isa, Tozai in Sokoto State. And the reason for his shifting of base was said to be due to continuous deadly attacks by Nigerian Joint Task Forces (JTF). But it is a major amazement that he could be forced to flee for safety due to invasions by the same Federal troops he once berated.

In July, in an attempt to get at him, security forces had arrested his father in Shinkarfi LGA of Zamfara State. But unfortunately he decided to respond by taking about 150 innocent people hostage, kill up to 62 others, as well as burned 338 houses. And he vowed that he would release those he seized only after his father has been freed.

It is also of note that Turji allegedly boasted of the abilities to do two notable things against Nigeria: They were that he had enough foot soldiers and weapons to take on the NigerIan Military Forces; and also that he had the influence to invite Terrorists from abroad against NigerIa.

Despite boasting of being able to do all this, it is as unexpected as surprising that all he could do now that the Army have challenged him to the war front is to escape for his dear life. But he can only run, but he can not always hide. That is sooner or later, he will either be arrested or get killed like a common criminal that he is.

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