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Governor Wike Advises Buhari on Two Tough Actions He Must Take To End Biafra Agitation in South East

In the past decades, Nigerians from the South East have always felt marginalised and excluded from the country.

Stakeholders in the region allege that there is deliberated plan by federal actors to exclude the region from the scheme of things in the country. This has fuelled agitations for a separate state, by separatist groups. 

Unfortunately, these agitations have gotten worse in the last few years, leading to loss of lives and heightened the general state of insecurity in the South East. And there have been several efforts to quell the tension but not many results have been achieved.

Recently, Governor Nyesom Wike waded into the matter offering advice to the Buhari government on three tough actions that must be taken to bring lasting peace to the South East. This article will analyse Wike’s admonitions and the likely impact they can have.

Brings aggrieved parties to the table to find a lasting solution to the agitation

According to a report in The Guardian Wike, speaking recently in Abuja said that the Igbo problem affects all stakeholders in Nigeria. And the stakeholders, including the aggrieved parties, should be invited by the government to the round table to find a sustainable solution to the source of the agitations.

I suspect that this might be a tough call for the Buhari government because Nnamdi Kanu, the imprisoned leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra may also have a place on the table. Will President Buhari take Wike’s advice and engage the secessionist leader to find a solution to the South East problem?

Listen to the cry of the Igbos over marginalisation in federal appointments

Wike has also lent his voice to the calls for Buhari to be more inclusive in his appointments. The River State Governor is of the view that when people feel excluded from the system they take to agitations to express their anger. He believes that running an inclusive government can help solve the agitation in the region. This is another tough challenge on Buhari because the President has always insisted that his appointments are based on merit.

Yet, the Igbos have always lamented that they are excluded from major political appointments. For instance, the South East has pointed to the fact that no Igbo person is represented in the country’s top security architecture. 

These are indeed tough challenges that the River State Governor has thrown at Buhari. Will the President rise to it?

Do you think Wike’s suggestion can help solve the problem in the South East? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. While you are at it, also like and share the story so that others can comment too.


  1. Top security appointments are the prerogative of the president discretion ,he can appoints anyone he deem fit for the appointment.

  2. We are not interested for any security appointments, we are only interested on our own Nation”BIAFRA” Let them get out WT their expired country.

  3. The suggestion is a good start to address the issues in the Ss and SE.
    It’s about giving minority tribes a sense of ownership as stakeholders .
    The Igbos also a majority tribes feel left out and creating so much fuss in the system.
    Power sharing arrangement a MUST in Nigeria no doubt about that..for peace to reign.
    Nothing bad in power sharing.

  4. This is very simple, Igbos have been indirectly dealt with. Because of the nature of the people in d area, they kept mute watching the outcome. We Igbos are aware that naira means never allow Igbo rule again. The decision has been taken by whoever. What else, the lopsided appointments is no longer the problem of the southeast. They just need their country. The North should hold their presidency till eternity, rotate their appointments as they like but allow Igbos their Biafra. Wike’s decision is rather coming too late now because Igbos are patient and dangerous entity is decided. We pray the agitators don’t give ultimatum to our governors and member of houses of assembly because as soon as they do that, it’s over.

  5. Governor Nyesom Wike nailed it. I have always known that there is an end in sight to IPOB Issues if only the Buhari Govt. will listen to the agitators and come up with a consensus plan implimentable after a round table agreement between his government and the agitators, and inclusiveness in Govt. by adding the South East to the scheme of things, this will further douse the tension!
    God Bless Nigeria!

  6. Put nnamdi kanu in d table set him free from detention then call him for a round table talk u will see so many tins will be in shape dats d only person we will listen to now

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