Check Out The Huge Sum Of Money That Awaits Liquorose If Her Alleged “GoFundMe” Becomes A Success

It’s no news that Whitemoney has emerged as the winner of Big brother Naija season 6 and he’s to walk home with 30 million naira cash prize, a car, and other prizes which amounts to a total worth of 90 million naira.

However, Liquorose who’s the first runner-up could be going home with a jaw-dropping amount of money as her fans have reportedly made move to raise more money for her.

According to recent reports and photos making rounds on social media, fans of Liquorose had set up a gofundme account for her that would help her earn more than what she’s earned during her stay in the big brother’s house.

It was reported that fans of Liquorose want to raise 50 thousand British pounds for her through the made-up gofundme account. If this go fund me becomes a success, Liquorose would earn at least 48 million naira in total.

If you’re wondering how then here’s how, Liquorose has reportedly earned 20.5 million naira during her stay in the house, she won most tasks when compared to other housemates.

Converting 50 thousand British pounds (£50,000) to naira, we would have 27.8 million naira which is almost the cash prize that would be given to Whitemoney.

If we add the expected 27.8 million naira to the 20.5 million naira that had already been won by Liquorose, she would earn 48.3 million naira.

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