Chinwetalu Agu: Why He Is No Hero During His Arrest

Popular Nollywood actor chinwetalu Agu decided to poke the hornet’s nest today. He decided to put on a regalia made with the flag of the proscribed Biafran nation. While the flags are not to be seen in public anymore, chinwetalu, an elder that should have known better made a dress with it.

As if making a dress with it was not enough, he wore it to Onitsha and got discovered by the military. They gave instructions which he obviously declined and got beat up as a result.

Question now is, what did he intend to achieve?.

Anambra is boiling and he wore the flag of a proscribed group to where soldiers would see him?. He did not act in wisdom.

Why he is no hero

1. He achieved absolutely nothing to help the IPOB, except heating up an already delicate situation. Now, so many Igbos are in an emotional turmoil, over seeing him manhandled. This does not help the situation at all.

2. He could have been hurt. These are armed soldiers on duty and you are still in Nigeria, thus subject to Nigerian laws. They were well within their rights to enforce compliance.

3. He could have gotten other people hurt. What would have happened, had the youths gotten riled up by seeing him beat up and tried attacking the soldiers?. People would have either gotten injured or dead even, all because he wanted to wear a flag.

4 This action of his automatically has increased the tension in the southeast. He placed himself as a catalyst for unrest. Elders are known to seek peace and bring warring factions to unity, but he did the opposite.

5. He fed on the emotions of the people, trying to immortalize himself by escalating an already deteriorating situation.

No one asked him not to support the IPOB or the call for referendum, but disobeying the law and going to face the soldiers while at it has no wisdom in it.

I have read some saying he was violated for wearing a dress. Well, all I can say is that we need to start being honest to ourselves. That flag and the rising sun is Biafran identity.

The IPOB will ask that no Nigerian flag be seen in the southeast and burned vehicles with it, yet they want to wear their own flag around?. That, is double standards.

No matter how we look at it, there is one government for now, and that is the Nigerian government. You disagreeing means you are living in self-deception.

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Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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