2023: Why Can’t The North Allow The South To Rule Despite 1994/5 National Conference Agreement?

2023: Why Can’t The North Allow The South To Rule Despite 1994/5 National Conference Agreement?

Nigeria is just a few years away from her general elections and the clamor for the presidency to be moved to the South is getting tensed.

Unknowing to Hakeem Baba Ahmed, the fretful spokesman of the Northern Elders Forum, NEF, that he tossed petrol into the flame already kindled by the southern governors Enugu proclamation that the presidency must retreat to the south in 2023 founded on the gentleman’s agreement reached between northern and southern politicians during 1994/5 national conference.

It is not unexpected that a volatile assertion that he concocted at an event held in Zaria, Kaduna State would set the already ignitable political atmosphere alight.

Since the political domain was already filled with negative energy and the embers of hatred were still hovering between northerners and southerners, his discourse was misunderstood as the subsequent significant part of it was overlooked :

“… we will lead Nigeria whether we are the president or Vice President…”

An impartial study of the statement does not indicate that Baba Ahmed was implying that northerners are bred to rule as some newscasters have assumed. With the priority on the utterance “…or Vice President”, it is apparent that he acknowledged that the north may deliver the Vice President as was the case with Namadi Sambo who was Vice President to Goodluck Jonathan (2010-2015).

But looking at the current toxicity of the political environment, the statement by Baba-Ahmed heated the polity. And it did not aid when the northern governors in a show with their traditional leaders convened and broadcasted the following statement in a communique which appeared to have approved Baba-Ahmed’s susceptible assertion and hell was literarily let loose.

The Big question that a lot of Nigerians have been asking is why the Northerners are not ready to let the South rule even when the South never disputed when they ruled?

As ambiguous as that question might seem, the answer can’t be explained in a single article, as there is no single reason that has been stated for not letting the South rule.

Let us look at Agreements In The 1994/5 and 2005 National Conference On Power Rotation

1994/1995 CC: it was stated that Rotational Presidency should be established in the Constitution. The same sense should be applied to the rotation of the governors and chairmen of Local Governments. It suggested numerous vice presidents with a means to assure that at least one shows up from the same zone as the president.

In 2005 NPRC, it was stated that the tenet of power rotation should be incorporated into the Constitution so that executive positions in Nigeria rotate at federal, state, and local governments. The office of the president, governors, and local government should revolve in such a manner that all the geo-political zones in the Nation, states, local governments, as the case may be should possess an opportunity to deliver a president, governor, and local government. Here it was stated that It should not nevertheless be incorporated in the constitution due to the emotive nature of the issue.

The writer opines that since an agreement was reached years ago on the issue of power rotation and both regions accepted it. Then, the North should keep to the agreement even though it wasn’t enshrined in the Constitution. This will go a long way to foster unity and development in the country and the issues of insurgency might just die down. If we claim that we are one then we have to learn to give others the benefit of doubt.

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