Why I Disagree With Blessing CEO On What She Told Married Ladies To Do When They Are Caught Cheating

Blessing Okoro who is popularly known by her Fans as Blessing CEO is a certified relationship counselor and a mental health expert. I have been one of her ardent Fans for a while now on Instagram. She has been giving whole lot of sound advice on relationship related issues which I completely agreed with in the past except for the one she gave to married ladies on the subject matter of cheating some hours ago on her Instagram handle.

According to her, she said thus, “As a woman if you ever cheat and get caught go. Go with your dignity”.

The advice was produced from the story of a 27-year old married lady who cheated on her husband once. According to the details of the story, the lady cried out because of the kind of pains and depression she is having in her marriage. She admitted to have cheated on the hubby 3 years ago and she was caught in the process.

After that incident, her husband withdrew all forms of intimacy that married couples enjoy from her in the aspects of kissing, touching, hugging and love making. She also revealed how the husband did not ask her to leave the marriage. Aside the aforementioned, the hubby also stopped eating her food for the past couple of years. Having accepted her mistake, she apologized to him countlessly, begging him through their pastor and every other person she felt would be able to get through the partner but to no avail.

Having had enough of the “coldness” of her partner, she reached the decision of leaving the marriage but the husband refused, adding that if she dared leave, he would kill her. The goal of the man is to make her go through emotional trauma for ever having an affair with another man. Hence, she asked for advice from Blessing CEO on what to do.

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Inasmuch Blessing Okoro is entitled to her opinion on relationship issues, the following are some of the loopholes in her advice which she can improve on in the future on similar issues.

1. First, a married lady who cheat on her husband has no dignity left in her, how much more the one she should leave with when she is leaving her marriage. There is nothing to be proud of in infidelity. The very moment anyone (men and women alike) cheat on their partners in marriage, they automatically lost their dignity, value and whatever thing that made them unique before they got into the act. It would have been more appropriate if she had used the word in place of the “dignity” she used.

2. More so, she should have advised married ladies to resist the urge of cheating on their husbands instead of saying they should go when they ever cheated and get caught. She may not mean any harm in her counsel on the subject matter but some people may misinterpret her advice to mean women should be careful not to get caught when they cheat in their marriages. As a relationship counselor, she should not give room for her followers to read double meanings to the advice she gives to people, because some people see her as a role model whom they look up to for advice in their relationship inclined matters.

In another news, what do you think the lady in question should do to pacify her husband? Drop your views in the comment section.

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  1. The lady has committed a very greiveous offence that may take some time to forgive or overcome by a husband who has trusted her so she have to repent with all sincerity and patiently wait for the husband to overcome since such infidelity could lead to the husbands death God does not accept divorce two wrongs will never make a right

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