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What Malami Said About VAT And Open Grazing That The Southern Governors May Not Agree With

There have been many matters that have been sparking reactions and causing numerous arguments between the southern and northern parts of Nigeria, such as restructuring, VAT, open grazing, and zoning of presidential tickets, and so on

However, when the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, was speaking to the newsmen, he made these two strong statements about open grazing and VAT, which I believe the southern Governor will disagree with.

Firstly, Abubakar Malami made it known that how some southern state governors are signing the ban on open grazing to the law is unconstitutional because the constitution of Nigeria guarantees the right of every Nigerian to move freely in any state of their choice.

However, these statements may not go down well with many Southern governors, as they believe that the banning of open grazing is the only lasting solution to stop the herders/farmers clashes.

Apart from that, many southern governors believe that open grazing is an outdated practice, and it is no longer convenient for the people in their states.

Furthermore, the Nigerian Constitution grants state the right to make laws on any particular issue on their own, and the fact that no one denied the herders’ right to move freely alone in the southern state may motivate the southern governors to kick against the speech of Abubakar Malami.

When Malami is talking about VAT, he declared that the power to legislate the collection of VAT is owned by the national assembly and that the federal government may challenge the decisions of this state’s governors about VAT as they may drag them to the supreme court.

Moreover, the southern governors may kick against these statements anytime from now because they believe that it is a clear case of injustice to deny the state governors the right to collect the value-added tax (VAT).

Furthermore, the southern governors are outraged because they see it as hypocrisy that some states in the north are collecting free money from the VAT generated in the south.


  1. We have Human Right enstrined in our constitution. The current Assembly should make haste to also include Animal Right and freedom of movement in our constitution. HUMANS/ANIMALS deserve equal Rights.

  2. Malami is not a sound Attorney. His comments on some topical national issues leaves much to be desired. Until this minutes he is yet to present the open grazing routes which he said is gazetted. The freedom of movement in the constitution is limited to human beings and not cattles.

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