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Southerners Are Provoking Us So That We Can React And Make The Country Go Up In Flames- ACF Chairman

The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) in a meeting held yesterday accused Southerners of provoking people in the North so that they can react and put the nation in state of crisis.

The National Chairman Chief Audu Ogbeh made this known while speaking extensively on the things bedeviling the northern part of Nigeria. He spoke extensively on terrorism in the north as he wondered why Boko Haram and Banditry are prevalent in the region.

Chief Audu Ogbeh said that something must be done quickly so as to reduce the rate of insecurity in the region, adding that the North is sick. He highlighted cases of kidnapping by bandits and the killing of northerners in the south, and called for a good cordial relationship between the north and other regions in Nigeria.

He likened the killing of northerners in the south and the agitation by secessionists as a means of sparking reactions from the north so as to cause crisis in Nigeria. The National Chairman said that no amount of inhumane treatment melted on northerners in the south will make them react violently that may make the nation go up in flames.


  1. He’s a tribalistic inciter. Southerners get killed in the North end vice versa, but he’s only concerned with the north. And he makes it sound like it’s a jointly agreed plot in the south! He doesn’t talk peace but instigation

  2. I believe this man is from Benue or Taraba states if he believes he’s a Northerner he is just deceiving himself , when the chips are down, he will know whom he is and where he comes from. Northerners are only using you.

  3. When memory fail old men who don’t want to understand their pivotal role,the begin to talk carelessly. Let me assure all So Called Northern Elders,a time will come that REAL RATIONAL NORTHERN YOUTHS will reclaim their senses and be liberated from whatever power you people are using to FOOL them.

  4. All the businesses and house’s of the eastern people demolished and people killed in the north, I lived in Funtua Katsina to be precise. I ran away after my house and shop where bornt down. Many businesses have been destroy in the North, greed will imprison us all. You people are the soul architect of the Nigeria problem and you people don’t want to rectify such. It to rule born to rule goon’s like you and to do things to even favour you people you will north do such. Continue una dey use una hand scatter this country and the country have already gone.

  5. So the fulani herdsmen killing farmers and kidnapping Southerners are not known to this Audu Ogbeh from Benue where thousands are being slaughtered by herders? What is really wrong with these people. How can a man of Ogbe’s status incite tribal war so brazenly? Are northerners being killed in the South?

  6. It is never by force. Areas around river Niger were hurriedly joined together by British Imperialists for easy administering but for their selfish motives. They never considered the prospects of the doom it might spell on the southern people who had been well – organized before their advent. It is better Niger Areas joined together by deceit go their separate ways because sooner than later, it will still break-up. Their deceit has been uncovered. That was why PA Obafemi Awolowo was not allowed to rule because of his restructuring orientation tendency.

  7. Audu Ogbeh is the worst enemy of Nigeria, I mean both North and South. Why? He is afraid of saying the truth and can never say the truth no matter how obvious it is to him.
    His types are always traitors. He is valueless, even those he tries to please don’t have any regards for him. I wonder why he shamelessly continue in the same direction, he must be a total brainless being like one drains man in Lagos.

  8. Some middle worn-out like Audu Ogbe from Benue and the so-called gov. of plateau Lalong are the mouthpiece of Arewa consultative forum and Northern gov. forum respectively. Audu Ogbe and Solomon Lalong should know that they are not Northerners. The north Will use and dump you very soon. After all both of you are already a waste products. How can both of you (Christians) from middle belt be made mouthpiece of core Muslim north?. It’s unfortunate that some of you made yourselves errand boys (men) for the northern leaders just for peanuts and crumbs of bread from their table. Nigerians and your people are watching.

  9. Many people believe they have ear and eye but still are deaf and blind.This is applicable to the so acclaimed Northerner. Are you aware the fulanis own Nigeria? Are you a fulani or Muslim?
    What about the Christians and whole of the Southerners that are killing in the North and even in their own land/region. May God open your eyes and ears.

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