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You Are A Failure if you Still Live With Your Parents at age 35 — Ghanaian Pastor

Ghanaian Pastor has Allegedly Elaborated in A Demystify way the attributes of A Failure

1.You are a failure if at 35 you’re still staying with your parents or family compound
2. You are a failure if you’re waiting for a government before you start something with your life.
3. You’re a failure if all you think about is waiting to be fed by others, regardless of your circumstances, you can start something.

4.You’re a failure if you keep repeating mistakes in the name of human weakness.

5.You’re a failure if at age 25 you still keep multiple sexual partners and fancy certain party hang out merry.
6.You’re a colossal failure if you still believe life begins @40, check the world around you, Youngsters are taking over.

7.You’re a failure if @ 40 certain family relations can’t reach out to you for help .

8.You’re a family if you’re still following the pattern of your parents, that led to their distraction.
9.You’re a failure if all you don’t think well about people,(speak well about people)

10.You’re a failure as a parent, if your children are not greater than you or perhaps on almost the same scale…..Dont miss RESTORATIONNIGHTVIGIL…PNG.

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