Why Sheikh Gumi’s Claims That Bandits Deserve Empathy And Respect From Nigerians Should Be Dismissed

Popular Nigerian controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Gumi has continued to stir up a lot of reactions among Nigerians with his constant support for bandits. During a peace conference that was held in Kaduna about two days ago, he urged Security Operatives to stop killing bandits and show them the respect that they deserve.

Sheikh Gumi noted that bandits also have empathy just like Ordinary Nigerians. He said they have families and children and rather than killing them, they should be psychologically evaluated and given the room to change and amend their ways.

Although Sheikh Gumi might have his reasons for saying what he said, I think his claims should be dismissed.

According to a report by SaharaReporters, ten residents of Kachikwe Community in Sarkin Pawa ward of Munya local government area of Niger state were burnt alive by armed bandits who invaded the Community earlier in the week. It was also reported that these group of bandits also abducted about 7 women while killing others in the process.

These are the same category of people Sheikh Gumi is advocating for. One major thing Sheik Gumi has failed to understand is that these group of bandits have bitten more than they can chew and if they are not stopped, they will continue with their harvoc.

To be frank and sincere, the activities of these armed bandits is becoming worse than that of the Boko Haram insurgents. They kill, maim, kidnap and collect huge amount of sums as ransom from poor Northerners.

If we are to go by the provisions made available by the constitution, they deserve the death penalty at the very least.

Just imagine the pain and psychological effect the death of those that were killed recently in Niger would have on their loved ones and family members. Imagine the pain and trauma those who were burnt alive went through before they eventually gave up the ghost.

Taking a look at all of these things, I don’t think Sheikh Gumi’s claim should be entertained. Crime is crime irrespective of the motive behind it. I don’t know what the Nigerian goverment is waiting for to declare these people as terrorists. They don’t deserve any respect from us.

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  1. To imagine that at some point in my life I respected Gini’s point view on some petinant political issues, leaves me perplexed and baffled.
    It all goes to buttress the need to associate with ones kit and kin, be their actions right or wrong.
    Currently thinking how to join my own geographical regions agitation.

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