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Meet the Man of God who Wanted to be Like Jesus; Fasted 40 days/40 Nights



Some religious fanatics make it a challenge to follow in the footsteps of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, as the Bible says, and this account is accurate.

In Hosea 4: 6, the Bible tells believers, and in Isaiah 5:13, the Bible says, “My people are gone into captivity for lack of wisdom.

Evangelist Chidi Eke, a 46-year-old pastor of Eziala Nguru in the Ngor Okpala district council in Imo State, Nigeria, has died of grief after fasting for 40 days and nights.

According to the information collected, the believer, who had left his wife and two children in Lagos and returned to the village, became involved in evangelizing efforts to become spiritually strong and went into the woods to seek God’s face and power.

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One of the preacher’s members went to look for him in the forest where he had found him dead. She is his only child.

Another religious deceiver was Mr. and Mrs. The singer, who lives in the United States of America and decided to fast for 40 days and 40 nights with his wife, and their young daughter who died during the program. They were charged and sentenced in court.

Another Ebonyi believer, Ikechukwu Oke, a teenager, fasted and prayed for 41 days on Mount Abakaliki. My mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Oke, talked about things that could push her not to eat water for a long time.

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The mother asked her son why he should fast and pray without informing him, and he said he chose to fast because of our family situation. During a fast, he had to drink water or eat fruit.

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