“You Got Married In Church But You’re Here With Another Man” -Angel

BBN Housemate, Angel, threw a subtle shade at fellow Housemate, Tega, during their conversation in the garden yesterday night.

Angel made it clear that she has kissed almost every man in the House because she doesn’t have any reason not to do so.

However, she believes Tega doesn’t have the moral inclination to share a kiss with another man in the House.

According to her, Tega got married in church and she’s in the Big Brother’s House with a man.

Angel said: “Everyone in the House knows me to be an Ashawo but you that got married in church is here with another man.

You left this community to be with another man in a different community”.

Angel made this statement when she was acting a dramatic presentation alongside Cross and Micheal.

Though, it was made to look like a drama but she clearly said those lines to mock Tega.

This statement would have caused a fight between both Housemates if Tega hadn’t managed to keep her cool throughout the drama.

I think Angel went too far by condemning Tega right in front of fellow Housemates, Micheal, Cross, and Boma.

Angel doesn’t have any right to judge a fellow woman

I don’t know if you would agree with me on this. I believe Angel doesn’t have the right to say Tega is breaking her marital vows in the House.

Though, it’s clear to us that Tega isn’t handling her relationship with Boma very well.

Considering the fact that she’s supposedly married, I think she shouldn’t be having any sexual moment with Boma.

At the same time, Angel doesn’t have the moral decency to criticise her for sharing sexual moments with another man in the House.

What if she goes outside of the House and finds out that Tega isn’t married after all? Would she rescind her statement?

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