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“Sheikh Ahmad Gumi Is Making All Us To Look As If We Are Fools” – Joe Igbokwe

Spokesperson of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Lagos State chapter, Joe Igbokwe, has recently taken to his official Facebook account to tackle a popular Kaduna controversial Islamic preacher, Dr. Ahmad Gumi, popularly known as Sheikh Gumi.

Joe igbokwe:

Joe igbokwe in the statement he made on his social media page, said “Sheikh Gumi is making all of us to look as if we are all fools. we cannot take this any longer; actions carry consequences, let us decimate the bandits and put behind this ugly history.”

Recall, Gumi asked the Federal Government to create a ‘Ministry of Nomadic Affairs’, saying that the ministry would address the challenges encircling herders.

Ahmad Gumi:

What is your opinion concerning Gumi asking the Federal Government to create a Ministry of Nomadic Affairs?

What is your intake on this?

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