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Prophet Odumeje Releases New Prophecies About The Igbos And Their Leaders, Lessons Learnt (Video)

In Nigeria, when men of God release prophecies, some people take it serious while others do not. In the early hours of today, the founder of the Mountain of Holy ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry, Prophet Odumeje who’s popularly known as “indabosky”, took to his Facebook page to release new prophecies for the Igbos and their Leaders.

Prophet Odumeje Indabosky began by saying that most Southeastern states across Nigeria are in a sorry state because the Igbos are not united in any form. He prophesied that God revealed to him there would be hunger if the Igbos are not united. He added that if they do not look for ways to have a single voice, they would suffer and become homeless if they keep agitating for a divided Nigeria.

The second prophecy made by Prophet Odumeje is that if the Igbos keep agitating for secession, they would keep losing and those they’re fighting would keep winning. Odumeje asked a question saying that since the year the Igbos have been clamoring for secession, have they developed? He made mention of roads in Enugu, Awka and Onitsha where roads are extremely unfixed.

Thirdly, Prophet Odumeje prophesied that if the Ohanaeze Ndi’igbo do not have a collective voice, they would regret at the end because their would be protests, massive killing and internally displaced people.

Odumeje also said all the Igbo leaders in power should use their means to out things in order for the future of their lands. He said Igbos and all other tribes in Nigeria need to come together if they want this nation to develop. He said most Igbo leaders who are not using their political power rightly might not live long. Based on this reason, Odumeje urged that Igbo leaders should at least make life pleasant for the children they will be leaving behind.


1. Through Prophet Odumeje’s prophecies, it is learnt that unity amidst diversity will make Nigeria a developed nation. This is because most developed countries today have a collective voice and are united to some reasonable extent.

2. The second lesson to be learnt from the prophecies of Prophet Odumeje is that people need to forget some historical occurrences and live in the present in order to experience growth in life. The prophet noted that people should live the moment they meet themselves and try as much as possible to develop in that moment.

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