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People who claim they went to heaven and come back are lying, don’t believe them -Apostle Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman unwraps powerful spiritual proficiency as he goes into the abyss of spiritual encounters. He underscored that not all encounters believers claim to experience is from God, please read the details below;

There are negative, demonic and satanic encounters. For instance many people today in deception and in confidence that their deception thrives believe that they went to heaven, I tell you by the authority of the scriptures, where they went was not heaven. I can tell you confidently that they didn’t go to heaven. Both the description, experience and result indicate that they never went to heaven.

Many people are out of the physical realm interacting with familiar spirits thinking it is the holy spirit. Most of the errors in the Bible today is a result of these encounters. Several people said they had an encounter with an angel who told them to write and they began to write all kinds of errors. People fast for days( dry fasting)to ascend to the spiritual realm.

One of the principal triggers for encounter is hunger, that is why many Christians need to be careful about how hungry they are for God. In the realm of the spirit, it is not only the holy spirit who has information, any spirit at all including the devil has some information that is higher than the earthy knowledge. If you read the scriptures well, there was a time the fallen angels came to earth and there was no record that their memory was eroded. When they came here, they(fallen angels) interacted with men and forbidden information was given to men.

In the light of this, many people have interacted with strange spirits, enter into all kinds of fraternity and in return, they get dangerous and demonic information. Some of this information is now used in form of technology and so many other innovations today.

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