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Parents Beat Their Daughter to Death, for Having a Boyfriend

When your daughter starts dating someone you don’t approve of or don’t like. In fact, it is a classic dilemma almost every parent will face at one point in their life, but how do you best handle this situation.

The advisors are saying it is better to tell your daughter exactly how you really feel, and advised her on the way forward.

At this particular moment, parents requires special consideration—and cautious words when addressing the issue.

However, you’re warned against beating up your daughter for having a boyfriend for this you have not solved the problem. In fact, you’re just torturing your child.

Currently, a 43-year-old man and his wife have been charged with murder in the Tsomo Magistrate’s Court, for beating up their daughter to death for allegedly having a boyfriend.

The state claims in the murder case against Mzingisi Mzamo that he allegedly killed his daughter because he was enraged that she had a boyfriend

The statements presented to court by the prosecution desk indicate the suspects used a stick to beat their daughter, until she was lifeless on the floor.

While reading his statements in court, the judge said the couple’s mental state should be checked before trial, for something might not be okay with their minds.

The judge further said using of violence to discipline children is not the right approach, especially in this era were children start dating at a young age.

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