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My Wife Hired And Paid Four Men To Kill Me So She Can Take Over My Properties” – Man Laments

Solomon said he narrowly escaped death after one of the gang members revealed the alleged plot by his wife to get him killed.

Baba Solomon, a 43-year-old Ghanaian man has disclosed how his wife planned with a four-man gang to kill him and take over his properties.

Narrating his story on Oyerepa FM’s ‘Oyerpa Afutuo’, Solomon said he narrowly escaped death after one of the gang members revealed the alleged plot by his wife to get him killed.

According to Solomon, he had a fall out with his wife, Lucy Ali. While the misunderstanding was still raging, a young man approached him to inform him that his wife had hired a gang which he was part of to kill him (Baba).

Solomon said that the young man told him that the gang, made up of four men, charged his wife GH¢80,000 but that was subsequently reduced.

“He said they charged her GH¢80,000 and they negotiated downwards to GH¢40,000 but she was still insisting that she would not be able to come up with such an amount,” he narrated.

“She agreed to make an advance payment of GH¢10,000 and then make the remaining payment once they kill me. She left for Kumasi to go and prepare and that was when one of the gang members approached me to inform me of the plot.”

Lucy, according to Solomon told the gang they were divorced and she didn’t want another woman’s children inheriting his properties.

“She told them that I had divorced her and her worry was that my properties will go to the children of the next woman I will get married to. She said she wanted me dead so she can have my properties and the ones left me by my father.”

Baba Solomon further stated that the young man, as proof of his allegation, called Lucy in his presence to inform her that they needed more funds for their operation.

A voice recording of the conversation between the gang member and a lady he claimed to be Lucy which was played on the programme, had her telling the young man that she was not in the right place to speak on the matter, thus asked to call back later to discuss the matter.

Solomon claimed his wife “asked them to come to my house. If they knock and I don’t open, they should burn me and the entire house. If I open the door, they should shoot me. I travel a lot on a motorbike so she further instructed that if they monitor me and meet me on the road, they should knock me down.”

Upon hearing the alleged plot by his wife to have him killed, Ali said he, together with the gang member, filed a case at Debiso Police Station.

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