Men Who Make Any Of These 5 Mistakes Before Marriage May Likely End Up With The Wrong Partner

As much as it is advisable to be careful and calculative while taking a decision on the choice of life partner, there are certain mistakes that must be prevented in order to avoid a lasting regret.

In the process of choosing a life partner, every action and inaction speak volume and go a long way in determining the success of that marriage. This days, young men rarely consider some of these mistake and in most cases, they end up marrying the wrong women who later become thorns on their necks. Here are five mistakes every young man shoud avoid while searching for a life partner.

1. Setting a goal that is not feasible within a reasonable time frame.

It is good to have a goal but such goals must be feasible with capacity to achieve them within a reasonable time frame. Some eligible bachelors today are waiting till they get a job that can be paying them a huge amount of salary before they can get married.

While this is a good vision, it should also be noted that no amount of salary can solve a man’s problem. The more you earn, the more your financial responsibilities. In the same vein, it does not mean you should get married as a jobless man. This can be more frustrating.

All you need do is to set a target, plan with the little you are earning and ensure you have a woman who understands you. Be open to each other from the beginning and with this, you will get it right.

2. Unseriouness with women is a big mistake that can crumble a man’s Marital life. If you think you are too young to get married, don’t bother go into relationship with a serious and responsible lady. If you do, you will end up breaking up with a wife material.

By the time you are ready, you might not possibly get a woman of that same quality.

3. Sampling different women to know a better one is not a good idea for an eligible bachelor. Most young men want to know a lady that will be better than others on bed before settling down.

Marriage is not only about sex. As a matter of fact, sex is the least of what marriage entails. It will get to a time when it will no longer have meaning to you in that marriage. What matters at this point is the special qualities that differentiate her from other ladies. Hence, it is advisable to go for quality rather than settling down with a lady that is good in bed.

4. Another major mistake young men make that denies them of marrying a right woman is inability to make a move at the right time. It is simply regarded as lack of confidence.

Instead of making their intention known to the lady they love wholeheartedly, they will be jittery, thinking if they open up, she may not accept the proposal and consequently end their friendship. You need to make a move at the right time. Don’t be surprised, the lady you are scared of asking out might also be nursing the same feelings towards you.

If you don’t let out your feelings on time, another .smart guy will sweep her off and deny you of that privilege.

5. Lastly, comparison is a big mistake that affects decision of young men in the process of taking a marital decision. They will compare their girlfriends to other ladies in terms of beauty, intelligence, financial status and family background.

All these things do not determine marital success and happiness. If you are the type of guy that make a comparison, you are at a risk of losing out in the game.

Avoid these mistakes and you will realize that you are getting it right in the choice of your life partner.

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