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Many Girls I Wanted To Date Ran Away From Me Because Of My Height -A Very Tall Man Shares His Story.

Many Girls I Wanted To Date Ran Away From Me Because Of My Height -A Very Tall Man Shares His Story

In this life, some people have different things that make them unique and different from others. Everyone is not the same, and everyone can never be the same in this life, people are different, and will always be different. Some people are white, while some are black, some are fat while some are thin. Some are likewise taller than others.

This story goes in line with that of a young man known as Chigozie Isuemenyi who hails from the Imo state of Nigeria, but he stays and works in Lagos. He was interviewed by BBC, this was when he said many things about his life, and whatever he has passed through in this life.

The young man said since he was born, he has never seen who’s taller than him in Nigeria, both from his state, and other states he’s visited in Nigeria. He said some people run away when they see him coming towards them. This young man who’s 29 years old looks like a giant, no doubt about that. He works in Lagos, he said his height has made some people avoid him as if he’s not also a human being.

He said many girls he wanted to date keep running away from him saying, he will choke them, or they keep telling him different excuses that have to do with his height. Even some bike riders don’t like carrying him on their bike. He said he will like to be a boxer, basketballer, weight lifter, or bouncer. He said there’s something that’s disturbing him very much. He has a wound on his foot since he was 8 years old, and the wound does not want to heal, despite all the treatment he’s done to the wound.

If he gets anyone who can sponsor him, then he’ll go-ahead to pursue his dreams without any delay. He said he has the quest to become successful, but some things in his life are restricting him from being successful.

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