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Kenyan Man Beats His Mother Mercilessly Before Burning Her House, Accusing Her of Practicing Witchcraft (Video)

A man has burnt his mother’s house following a family dispute, in Igembe in Meru County.

Reports say that that Thalee had a confrontation with his mother and decided to burn her house in an incident that occurred at midday.

According a neighbor who spoke to Baite Tv, the suspect’s mother sought the help of Njuri Ncheke elders.

“After the elders failed to reach an agreement with son and mother, the son disrupted the meeting and chased them down with a machete. The sister had also been a victim of a machete attack and had come to the meeting to mediate talks between her brother and mother,” said an eyewitness.

“The suspect later returned with fuel and set fire to his mother’s house. We’re having trouble with the time it takes the chief to respond after a case is reported. He has been known to take up to three hours to respond to a complaint,” said an eyewitness.

An eyewitness claimed that before fleeing, the suspect attempted a machete attack on anyone he came across.

Watch Video Below:.

Efforts to contact the suspect to hear his side of the story ongoing. Continuing story, more to follow..

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