I’ve Been Informed That They Are Plotting To Embarrass Jonathan By Telling Him To Join APC – Deji

A well known human rights activist, Adeyanju Deji has claimed that he has been reliably informed that they are planning to embarrass former president Goodluck Jonathan, by deceiving him to join the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Speaking further, he stated that they will never give him the presidential ticket even if he joins APC, stating it clearly to him that it’s a good strategy they want to use to sell the party, by tricking Goodluck Jonathan to join the party.

He went further and urged ex President Jonathan to quit partisan politics and maintain his profile as a respected African statesman and democrat so as to avoid being disrespected.

That is a good one from Deji. If what he just revealed here is the truth, I really think that former President Goodluck Jonathan should try to do the needful so as to avoid any form of regret at the end.

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  • This is exactly the same trick the nothern political oligarchy played on Yakubu Gowon. When he came back from his political asylum in London: seven years or thereabout after they had toppled him; they begged him to run for the presidency, giving him the full assurance that he would win. That was after Shehu Shagari had messed up the country; just Buhari has done today. Since he was required to win the nomination from his ward which was in Wusasa-Zaria; he had to start from there. But he did not win even his ward where he grew up among their people. That marked the end politically for him.

  • The game is, the ruling cabal in the North wants a quick return to power, they may want Jonathan to balance the of four years they felt the South have ahead of them.
    Besides Jonathan can be used to unite the South.,. especially the East and Niger Delta to gain their support or followership, then drop Jonathan at last minute.
    When it comes to power sharing the North is tricky, and uncompromising, they see it as birthright

  • Informed by who,why should he retire from politics,why can’t he involve himself in PDP party politics as an elder and help the party on which platform be came to power regain credibility and power or has he finally being egded by Wike the boy he helped to power.

  • What Deji Adeyanju said is true talk base on what’s going on presently in our nowadays politics. It is better for our former president to be focus on his present world recognized position now or never than to allow some political hudlums to drag his name to mud.

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