“If You Win The HOH Game, Don’t Pick Me As Your Deputy” -White Money Tells Queen

BBN Housemate, White Money, revealed the major reason why he doesn’t want Queen to pick him as her deputy if she wins the Head of House game later today.

White Money made this shocking revelation during a private conversation with Queen at the Head of House Lounge earlier this afternoon.

According to White Money, the current situation of things in the House won’t permit him to be very close with Queen anymore, as he made it clear that there are “strong heads” in the House and he can’t afford to be unserious at this point.

He reiterated that every individual in the House has a great potential of winning hand hat knowledge is enough for him to be focused.

He further pointed out that if Queen wins the Head of House Game, she should not think about picking him as the Deputy Head of House.

He said: “I have to focus on winning tasks because we have just two weeks before the end of the Show.

If you win the Head of House Game, don’t pick me as your deputy. There are strong heads in the game and I can’t afford to be distracted for a silly reason.

When you leave the House, it is highly possible that you will end being friends with me outside. If I also leave the House today, I might not be friends with you outside”.

White Money’s decision shows that he is more focused on the game

Although some people might think White Money is selfish and inconsiderate for trying to end his “relationship” with Queen. However, that is actually not true.

White Money is rather focused on the game and has realised that Queen could be a distraction to him at this crucial stage which makes its the right time for him to end any form of “relationship” with Queen and focus on winning the grand prize.

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