How To Convince Your Girlfriend That You Will Marry Her Even If You Are Not Ready

How To Convince Your Girlfriend That You Will Marry Her Even If You Are Not Ready

Written by Mr_Counselor

Among the things girls detest in life, disappointment is the worst. One of the worst things you can do to a girl you claim to love is to promise her marriage and disappoint her. Girls don’t easily forgive men who do this to them. I started with this so that you will be very careful with what you tell your girlfriend about marriage. Do not promise her marriage if you aren’t sure about it. But if you are sure, and you can withstand any form of temptation, then go ahead and make her understand that you will marry her no matter what happens.

Girls don’t easily believe that a particular man will marry them until he puts a ring on their fingers. Most men don’t even believe in engagement ring. They will only believe you if you finally walk down the isle with them. So, if you have a girlfriend who you wish to marry, but you are not ready for marriage, and you don’t want to lose her, below are ways you can use to convince her that you will marry her.

1. Tell her.

Yes, this is actually the first thing to do. It is the first step to take. At least, your girlfriend will take you more serious if you promise to marry her, especially if it is obvious that you truly love her.

But don’t rely on this point. It doesn’t usually end well. Not every girl will believe you when you promise to marry them. Therefore, only use it to bring her mind closer to you, even if she doesn’t believe you.

But before you tell her that you will marry her when you are ready, make sure that you truly love her. True love is not found on her appearance. It comes from within. Check yourself, ask yourself some questions. Ask yourself if you truly want to marry her.

Likewise, make sure she is really interested in you. If she does not love you to the extent of spending the rest of her life with you, it will be a waste of time trying to convince her to marry you.

Remember that you are not ready for marriage yet, but the essence of this conviction is to make her wait for you for a little longer, therefore, you must have planned yourself before making this promise.

2. Give her time.

Giving her time does not mean being specific on the actual date you will walk her down the isle. It is about telling her when you will likely be ready for marriage. Don’t bring it too close because you may end up disappointing her. Likewise, don’t take it too far because she may not be patient enough to wait for you for that long. Two to four years ahead is encouraging.

When you give her time, she will see the seriousness in you. This will make her to have hope in you while she wait and support you.

3. Give her reasons.

Your reasons should be based on why you are not ready yet, and why you may likely get married to her in the said time as above. Your reasons could be that you are working on something, building your career and that you are expecting to achieve all these within or before the period of the time given to her above.

This will convince her to wait for you if she is not very impatient.

4. Show it.

By showing it, you will have to work towards making your promise a reality. If your reason is that you are building your career, she need to see you working on it. If you are working on a project, you need to make her see it. This will convince her and she will be happy to wait and support you.

Showing it is also the same thing as proving it. You need to talk about your future together. Talk about how your wedding and honeymoon should be. Talk about the kind of expensive ring you will use for her engagement. When you keep talking about this, she will be convinced to believe that you won’t disappoint her.

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