How Osinbajo’s State Of Origin May Stop Him From Becoming APC’s Flagbearer in 2023 election

The ongoing political permutation that is taking place at the All Progressives Congress has thrown up a lot of names as possible contenders for the party’s presidential ticket.

One of those that have been heavily touted as a likely flagbearer is Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. According to his supporters, there are several factors why the VP remains the best candidate to fly the party’s flag at the presidential campaign.

One of the main reasons is the fact that his candidacy will guarantee smooth transition and continuity. More so, he is relatively younger than many of the other names that have been mentioned and therefore he is expected to be a bridge between the older and younger generations.

And above all, Osinbajo is popular and well-loved by voters in the South and North. In particular, he is well-liked by millions of President Buhari supporters whose votes are crucial to APC’s success in the 2023 election.

But despite all of these factors which works in Osinbajo’s favour, the VP faces a possible disqualification from contesting for the party’s ticket on the grounds of his state of origin. This is already causing great concerns for some of his supporters.

According to Guardian, the argument against Osinbajo’s choice is the fact that he is from Ogun State, just like former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Obasanjo did eight years in office before he stepped down in 2007.

One of the party sources who spoke with The Guardian confirms that Osinbajo ticks all the boxes, but it will amount to cheating on other states in the South West if Ogun State gets the Presidency in 2023.

Aside Obasanjo, Ogun State have been favoured in the past to produce prominent Nigerian leaders. For example, the late Obafemi Awolowo, Premier of the old Western Region was from Ogun State, same with Ernest Shonekan, Head of the Defunct Interim National Government.

So it will amount to cheating on all the other states in the zone if Ogun State gets to produce the next President after Buhari. There might be protests from candidates from other states.

Apart from this challenge, the VP is seen as eminently qualified to become the next president after Buhari. But will the party ignore this fact and go ahead to support the VP?

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  • Was d fact that former President Yar’dua hailed from Katsina State as present President
    Buhari onsidered when President Buhari wanted to contest d presidency?

  • Many factors are in his favor. He is a christian and I think with his popularity it will be easy for the north to source for a muslim to complement his candidacy. The issue of state of origin is insignificant.

  • Nigeria cannot and will never develop with this type of mentallity. Circumstances of birth should not be seen or set a criteria of selecting good leaders. What should be given priority is capacity and tenacity to move the Country forward, regardless of where one comes from.
    PMB and Late Yardua were both from Katsina State and has never been an issue.
    We must strive to elect credible leader devoid of these cheap sentiments and flimsy issues.
    If Bush and Bush jnr can rule US without seeing it as an issue why don’t practice same if we really wants to get things right?
    I think this is childish and balderdash in our consideration of who will take us to the promise land.

  • Well, since our stage of chosen leadership has not matured to the stage of choosing who can deliver irregardless of ur colouration or tribe, the chosen of Prof. Oshinbajo will definitely be acceptable by we, all Yorubas. His track record in governance & the fact that he can be acceptable by all other tribes in the country than any other personalities from the Zone is a big plus to his candidature. Every other Ticking Baskets will favour him. This is my submission.

  • It’s true, Ogun State can not produce another President now.
    We have suitable candidate from other states in the South West.
    If people say Proffessor Yemi Osibajo is good, what of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu that brought him into limelight.
    Jagaban is the person that made him what he his today by appointing him into his Cabinet,he even step down for him to become Vice President to President Buhari because he was the one picked by Buhari before Former President Olusegun Obasanjo adviced them not to use Muslim, Muslim tickets.
    Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a good performer & a good Administrator apart from being a Good Partyman.He will do better than The President if he takes over from PMB,am sure of that.
    If he leaves APC today,APC will collapse.
    His the Rock behind them.
    He helped,GEJ to win Election,he helped APC to defeat him also.That’s what made a Good Politician.It would hard for any Politicians to defeat him in any Election in Yoruba Land or else the person will lose his deposit.
    Vice President can him in politics or in an open election, you go an ask PDP.
    PDP will be happy if APC didnot feild him,it may give them chance to come back to power.
    Jagaban is endowed by Allah to know Good Hands to choose to work with him, his Legacy in Lagos State is till there for us to see.
    I wish him Good Luck if he chooses to run for presidency.
    May Allah choose a Good Leader for us come 2023,Amen.

  • Why not the best from the region emerging as the flag bearer of APC. Osinbajo is a plenary and bonafide citizen of Ogun state and Southwest Nigeria. Sentiments be thrown away at this critical period and no division should be created amongst the Southwest Nigeria if luck runs in favour of anyone of the potential eligible aspirants and is so supported by the current foremost and grand commander of allied political forces from the Southwest region, Jagaban Borgu, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. United we Stand……..

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