Mixed Reaction After A Lady Tied Up Her Man Just To Do This. See photos

The importance of trust in any type of connection, whether sexual, casual, or family, should not be overlooked. After a girlfriend tied up her partner simply to gently check through his phone in search of compromising messages, a shared photo of the duo is creating severe emotions online.

The lover was clearly taken aback by his woman’s actions, as depicted in the photo below, who duped him into thinking they were going to do things differently, perhaps try other bedroom methods, only for the lady to pick up his phone and begin scrolling through his Whatsapp messages.

The snapshot, which was published by an instagram account known as wahala network, elicited a lot of emotions from social media users who were astounded by the lady’s insight. It’s as if she’s a direct descendent of Eve, and Adam has been caught in her web.

The young man’s expression indicates that something compromising is stored in his phone, and that if his girlfriend discovers the message, there will be a lot of uproar.

Meanwhile, here are some of the responses to the post, as other social media users hurried to express their thoughts.

My heart aches for the guy, who is set to embark on a new relationship. Because some women are wiser than they appear, males are urged to avoid cheating. If you must cheat, do it correctly and stop humiliating your comrades in arms. If I had been in the same room during the occurrence, I would have advised the guy to start confessing since I am confident the lady would beat him up if she discovered anything compromising because he is tied up and vulnerable.

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Source is from an Instagram handle.


  1. I would advice she hit him in the balls a lesson for other guys who cheat too…other ladies should be smart about their relationships a guy can play most girls for years .thats just not fair..
    So hit the balls

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