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“No one Believes My Son is 23-Years-Old, My Life Has Been a Living Hell” Woman Laments (Video)

Faith has emotionally confessed that her life has been a living hell for the last 23 years.

She gave birth to a disabled child through a caeserian section and hoped that the boy would become better with time.

Years went by and the boy didn’t achieve any milestone. His limbs don’t function at all and he has never spoken.

Sadly, his father divorced her when he was only 13 years old saying that it is a taboo in their family to give birth to a disabled child.

Faith says that noone believes that her son is 23 years old because of his appearance. Many people bully him and due to that, she is forced to lock him inside the house most of the times.

Faith survives by fetching water and carrying bricks for people. Her house is old and sometimes leaks water when it rains heavily.

She is appealing to well-wishers to donate funds so that her life and that of her disabled son can become better.

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