“I Decided to Use Toys Because, A Man Will Always Cheat”- Lady Reveals (Video)

“I Decided to Use Toys Because, A Man Will Always Cheat”- Lady

Relationship of this generation are very complicated, there are those ladies, because of one or several painful heartbreaks, they have a mentality that all men cheat in relationship. This has also been among the main reason why most ladies are joining the LGBTQ society.

Speaking on RealTalk show, that is normally hosted by Tamima, on switch tv, Grace Makosi, who is a you lady aged between 25 to 30 years, came out openly and explained to the audience the reason why she will never date.

According to Grace, she made up her mind very well after several heartbreaks and decided that she will be using toys to pleasur herself and fullfil her own conjugal rights.

The main reason why she decided to do this is because,she already has that mentality that all men will always cheat in a relationship. Grace said that to avoid those dramas is better she use toys.

Do you agree with Grace statements?, for me I think Grace needs to find herself very well, there are good men out here, all you need is to find a person who has a goal like yours and a person you rhyme behaviors.

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