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“If A Man Asks You What Are You Bringing To The Table, Here Is Your Reply” -Blessing CEO



Popular Nigerian relationship therapist and entrepreneur Okoro Blessing Nkiruka who is popularly known as Blessing CEO has taken to her official Instagram handle to help women with a common question that men always ask. As a professional relationship therapist, Blessing CEO always gives relationship tips and advices on social media.

Blessing CEO directed her advice to women because men always ask the question in order to know what a woman is ready to offer in a relationship. This question is common among men. Men always ask their girlfriend or wife that what will she bring to the table.

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However, Blessing CEO advised women that they bring souls to the table and that also bring lives to the table. Blessing CEO said that these things are what money can not buy. Blessing CEO said that men should buy the table and provide for the women. This is the response Blessing CEO gave in the video and she advised women to give same response whenever they are asked.

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Captioning the video, she said: “If a man asks you what are you bringing to the table. Here is your reply as a woman”.

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