“I Have had Sugar Daddies Before.” – Angel Says

The current season of Big Brother Naija has had so many highlights from different discussions that the 26 housemates has had since the reality show started.

On Thursday night, the housemates decided to play a truth game, the housemates involved in the game included Cross, Saga, Nini, Angel, Pere, Queen, Emmanuel and Liquorose.

Initially, Angel was the one asking the questions, she asked each housemate for their body count.

Emmanuel responded he has been intimate with five people while Liquorose said her numbers was more.

Pere stated he has been intimate with over fifty women, while Saga said he has been intimate with nine people.

Angel responded that her body count is between fifteen to twenty while Cross stated that his body count is more than a hundred.

Later in the game, Cross started asking the questions, Cross asked Nini if she has ever been intimate with someone for money.

Nini responded that she has been intimate with someone in the past because he was rich but never in direct exchange for money. Angel affirmed she has also done that because he was rich.

Cross was asked if he has ever been intimate with someone in exchange for money. Cross responded that he hasn’t been in such situation before but he would have loved to have a sugar mummy.

Angel replied that she has had sugar daddies before, “I have had sugar daddies before.

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