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Ladies, You Are Ageing Faster Because You Are Doing These 15 Things



Researchers believe the higher collagen, we, as women have, makes us age more rapidly than men, and it has been insinuated that women appear 15 years older than men of the same age.

 Ageing is indeed an inevitable natural phenomenon, guaranteed to happen if we live long enough or not. Ageing rapidly however, is lifestyle induced. I am an advocate of ageing gracefully.

Ageing well does not just have to do with genetics, certain choices and habits will influence how your body ages. The aforementioned 15 choices are as follows:

1. Ghana Braids: Not limited to Ghana braids alone, but any hairstyle that puts pressure on the edges of the hair. It is rather disheartening to see how much money we spend to wreck havoc on our hair, leaving it a complete mess as we grow older. There is nothing wrong with taking a break to grow and protect your natural hair.  

 2. Make up: The chemical-laden make up we mask our faces with, causes wrinkling over time. Invest more in organic skin care products that makes the skin glow as opposed to heavy make up artillery.

3. Consumption of Beer: Sometimes I wonder why women indulge in excessive consumption of beer, it is harmful to the body, damaging the skin and internal organs as a consequence. Abuse of alcohol is the harbinger for bulgy stomach for a woman. Let it go.

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4. Excessive Exposure to Sun: The first and most common type [of skin wrinkling] is from chronic sun damage,” 
5. Meat: It is understandable how enticing beef can be, when prepared into mouth watering delicacies. Consuming it in excess causes rapid ageing. It is advisable to introduce other healthier option like fishes, eggs, chicken, which again should be consumed in moderation.

6. Sitting for Long hours: Sitting for too long creates problem for your body which often times show up as back and leg ache as we grow older. If you work a job where you are required to sit for long hours, ensure you find time to stretch your body by either taking a walk or running up and down the stairs.

7. Sweet Tooth: As addictive as sweets can be, you have to let them go, because your sweet tooth will become fallen teeth as you grow older.

8. Lack of Exercise: Exercise is essential to the body, there is no excuse that help fix this. There is an exercise routine that suits every body type. Get a good instructor and work your way to being active and engaging your muscles. If your work schedule does not allow you exercise everyday, use the weekend well in lieu.

9. Bread: Ladies, completely avoid eating bread as well as other form of pastries. If you must, moderation is advised e.g. once in 2 months. It is a major cause of protruding belly for women.
10. Not Sleeping Enough: This cannot be overemphasised. Sleep and rest as much as you can. Go on vacations. Some times, just find a place far from your norm and revel in idleness..
11. Not Eating Fish: Ladies, eat a lot of fish. The health benefit for us is astounding. 

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12. Constant Stress: If you are always surrounded by activities and people who cause you stress, you’re not just ageing faster, you’re also dying slowly. Stay away from stress as much as you can.

13. Always taking Coffee
14. Smoking
15. Eating a lot of Fried Food

Even the degradation of your mental acuity can be affected by these choices. If you desire to stay agile and fit at your old age, start now and make a conscious effort to introduce healthier habits and do away with harmful ones. Health is wealth most of us acclaim, but how much do you have in your ‘health-bank’?

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