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Remember Rich White Man who Sold His Assets Because Of African Lady? See What The Lady Turned Him to



As human beings, we all have the freedom to make our own decisions about how we want our lives to turn out, but the most important thing is to make the best option possible that will have a good influence on our lives.

African countries are unquestionably gorgeous and full of wonders, but in terms of development, they pale in comparison to their European counterparts. Despite the fact that certain African countries are considered developing, the vast majority of European countries are deemed developed.

Barry Humber was a very wealthy Englishman who had met and fallen in love with a beautiful woman from Africa, namely Kenya, and had planned to spend the rest of his life with her. The lady had captured his heart, and he was so taken with her that he had to sacrifice all he had worked for in England and travel to Africa with her.

The Kenyan government has also been approached by Barry Humber, who is requesting that he be granted Kenyan citizenship, therefore becoming a citizen of the nation. Eventually, he relocated from England to Kenya and became a citizen of the nation, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

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Following that, he was successful in obtaining his citizenship. He subsequently returned to Africa, where he was finally able to tie the knot with the woman of his dreams. Their lives began to take shape gradually, and he eventually purchased 30 acres of property in Kenya on which to build a large home for his newly discovered family.

After marrying his wife and having five children, Barry believed he had established a solid household in Africa. He then returned to his home country and sold all he had accumulated over the years in order to relocate permanently to Kenya.

Unfortunately, when he returned to Kenya, he discovered that his wife had sold the assets he had left behind in Africa and had married another man from Africa without notifying her white husband, who had given up everything to care for her. People were shocked to learn what the lady had done, and they petitioned Barry to take her to court. Surprisingly, Barry declined to do so.

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What his life has become as a result of the lady:

Barry is now living in extreme poverty, which is heartbreaking for a guy who has sacrificed so much for the sake of his relationship with his wife. Human beings, particularly women, are unpredictable, and it is for this reason that we should be extremely cautious about placing too much confidence in others in order to avoid ending up in a situation like Barry’s.

Do you believe Barry made a mistake by moving to Africa, or do you believe the lady made a mistake by marrying another man? Your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mulualem

    October 5, 2021 at 1:42 pm

    personally it is painful , he is innocent man but he should have known her for those long time he hadspent with her .any ways she Will go hell. She should get punishment inorder how what pain he felt when he see that his darling betrayed him. .but please support this man he is an innocent man many European looted Africa but this man decided to to live in Africa

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