How South-East Loses Out In PDP As South-South, South-West Indirectly Support 2023 Northern President

A lot of meetings, alignment and realignment are going on in PDP as Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State handles the most difficult task in PDP right now which is to ensure that he comes out with a zoning formula that will be acceptable to all PDP members ahead of October national convention.

This zoning formula is a major determinant of which region will grab the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP. Members of the PDP in the six geo-political zones are meeting themselves to take a position.

The argument is which zone should produce the National Chairman of the PDP. A position that will decide where the presidential ticket of the PDP will swing to.

According to This Day newspaper, the development doesn’t favour the South-East which thinks the party will zone its 2023 presidential ticket to Ndigbo. The South-East has lost out in PDP and we will be discussing why I believe so in this article. 

How did the South-East lose out in PDP ahead of the 2023 presidential election? 

Different geopolitical zones in PDP have taken decisions on which region should produce the National Chairman of the PDP. The South-South and South-West PDP that are expected to push for a 2023 Southern President all agreed that the South should produce the National Chairman of the PDP.

Also, the North-West, North-Central and North-East took the same position. The South-East is divided as they cannot speak with one voice. Former Senate President, Anyim Pius Anyim and former Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka are the two people insisting that the North should produce PDP national chairman so that the South-East can stand a chance to grab the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP.

This simply means that other regions except the South-East agree the South should produce the National Chairman of the PDP thereby indirectly supporting that the North should grab the 2023 presidential ticket of the PDP.

The South-East has lost out because the other 5 geopolitical zones support a Southern PDP National Chairman which indirectly means that they favour 2023 Northern presidential candidate of the PDP. The permutations that Peter Obi may grab the 2023 presidential ticket of PDP won’t work with this development.

I am surprised that the South-South and South-West could not agree with some people in South-East for the North to produce the National Chairman of the PDP.

Politics is a game of numbers and two voices from the South-East cannot override the decision of the other 5 geo-political zones in Nigeria.


  1. Is not a strange political development. In Nigerian politics, all the five geopolitical zones will always unite to oppose the Southeast. Even if it is to their detriment, the South South, the Southwest and Middle Belt will unite to resist the Southeast.
    This is a blessing in disguise: Igbo politician will carry Buhari mess; Igbo politician will not face still resistance from IPOB; ndeigbo will not be under pressure to cast out their .vo

  2. This is the right time for PDP to apply Chief Okadipo’s political mathematics, if it wants to produce the 2023 president with minimum level of uncertainty.
    The PDP must provide a very strong and formidable candidate that can have level playing ground with a Southern APC flag bearer and split the northern votes, while retaining South – South and South – East.
    Majority considers this achievable only by unzoning the presidential ticket if PDP must wrestle power from the APC, come 2023.

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