As A Man, These Are 3 Ways You Can Deal With A Stubborn Wife Without Raising Voice Or Hand On Her

Managing a woman goes beyond doing the necessary responsibilities that are expected of a man. No matter how rich or influential a man can be, it cannot shield him from women venom whenever they are caught in the web anger.

Naturally, women are emotional and whenever things do not go in the way they expect, they will become victims of their own emotion. In the heat of such moments, their husbands are not spared with their verbal and venomous attack.

If a man is not disciplined, matured and well comported, he may loose his temper on the altar of frustration. If you find yourself in this kind of provocative situation as a man, you don’t have to raise your hands or voice against your woman. But rather, quickly adopt these strategies as an escape route from the problem .

The first thing that may likely work for you during this provocative moment is to maintain a grave silence. One of the greatest weapons of women is their voice during a heated argument. Once they open their mouths and raise their voices, what comes is abusive and provocative word.

At that moment, they are not bothered about the aftermath of their actions or verbal attack. They are ready to pull down the roof and destroy everything they have been building all their lives with the word of their mouth. As a man, the best decision to take at that moment is to remain silent. If you choose to respond, you will be dragged and at the end, you will have no choice than to go physical.

When you remain silent, they get angry the more. They see themselves as fools and this will be more painful to them than being beaten.

Another thing you can do to suppress the tension from her is to stay away from home. Whenever she comes up with her drama, and she discovers you are leaving the house, she will be more devasted.

To deal with her further, stay away from home for many hours. By the time you are returning home, ensure she has already gone to bed. And by the time she wakes up the following morning, you are are already gone. I bet you, no woman will cope with this situation for two days. She will melt down and consequently, she will be at your mercy.The third thing you can also do is to refuse eating her food. No woman can endure such a purnishment no matter how angry she is. Once their husbands stopped eating their food, the first thing that comes to their minds is the thought of another woman cocking for you.

They will believe that a woman is out there taking their position and they will do everything to straighten things up with their husbands.

As a man, instead of raising your hand or voice on your woman whenever she starts a drama with you at home, all you need do is to take any of these three decisions, you will see her melt like an ice cube.

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