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5 Reasons Why Married Men May Need To Avoid Watching Love-Making Videos



Married men try to make their wives satisfied and please them in their ways. Some want their wives to give them thumbs up after each lovemaking. This is good and I am not against it. But I want to say that the way some married men go about achieving this may need some cautions so that it doesn’t affect their relationship with wives.

There is nothing worse when a man wants his wife to feel better, whatever that will keep your love growing for your wife and make the two of you happy is worth doing. However, using s_x videos to achieve this in your relationship with your wife may have some negative effects with time. This is why I write this article so that you will be careful with it and make sure that you will not end up causing more harm to the relationship you are trying to make strong.

Below are some reasons why married men may have to avoid s_x videos.

1. It can become addictive to you. S_x tapes send messages to your brain and have a way of affecting your mind. It can make you get to the point that you are satisfied with what you see. The feelings can make you want to keep watching it over and over again. You may find it hard to stop it after some time if you keep doing it. It can come in between your daily schedule because the thought to go over it may keep coming up in your mind. That can make you not concentrate on the task you have. You will now want to keep watching it.

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2. It gives unrealistic expectations of what s_x should look like. Watching such videos can cause serious havoc on your relationship. You may want your wife to act and do just like the way you saw those you watched doing it. You will want the one you see not knowing that most of what you see can not be done by your wife. They are unrealistic. This would not have happened if you are not watching s_x videos. Instead, you will be satisfied with any type you and your wife have.

3. It can make you lose interest in your wife. When you notice that your wife can not act like what you have been watching, you may begin to have less interest in your wife and you may not be satisfied with her type of lovemaking. You may start thinking that you want more than what you get.

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4. It may cause you to cheat on your wife. When you are no longer satisfied with your wife, you may start thinking of other ladies who will be able to do it just the way you saw it. This can then make you cheat on your wife.

5. It can trigger crises in your marriage. If you give in to the thought of getting it done outside and your wife gets to know, that may mark the beginning of trouble in your once peaceful marriage. Just because you choose to be watching s_x tapes.

These are the reasons while I suggest that married men should avoid s_x tapes and learn to grow together with their wives in making their intimate time work well for them.

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