There Is Nothing Like Dating For One Year, Don’t Push Courtship Beyond 6Months- PASTOR DAVID OGBUELI (Video)

The Senior Pastor of Dominion City, Pastor David Ogbueli blows hot on men and women who courts for one year and more. In the just concluded women convention 2021 themed fascinating women, Pastor David fondly called the Pee spoke on courtship.

In his sermon on courtship, he said “There is nothing like a lady has agreed to marry you, to have a relationship with you and you are still dating for another one year, another six month. Ladies listen to me, and you will save yourself from many heart ache because this is why some people waste the most precious season of their life.

A lot of these Jewish ladies by 16, 17, 18 years they are married. The Bible talks about the marriage of the youth, wife of the youth. They finish having children, their children grows, catch up with them, you don’t know who is the mother and then some of us are in the Gentile world at 40 you are trying to get married 38, 45 years you are now trying to get married, when are you going to have children?

There are values that are wrong! Either you put your career ahead of your relational life and have misplaced priority and in case you don’t know, nature abhors vacuum and I am going to say this, and I am sorry that I have to say it because it is the truth, sometimes the truth is painful, this one is meant to save. And then for those who have already made mistakes, there’s remedy and those who have not, so that they can make correction on time.

When a ground is not planted after a while, it will grow tars, torn and grasses. When a woman has the season of love, first of all there is the first season which is puberty after that it leads to maturity to around 18 years and from 18 up, there is a season. It will go into her 20s, it will go into her 30s, it gets to a point, if nothing has happened with that life, with that womb, fibroid will start growing in it and I am sorry that I have to bring it out like that but it’s a fact.

Senior Pastor Dominion City, Pastor David C. Ogbueli

There is a season for everything. There are four seasons of life. There is a season for love, there is a season for married life, while you are pursuing career and whatever you are pursuing, don’t miss your times and seasons. And usually at that season of love, all kinds of suitors are coming, all kinds of people, you will just be doing ‘guy’ and be misbehaving, you are looking for Jesus to marry.

The season of married will follow, you are pursuing career and then it gets to another season, to find one person to marry becomes a prayer point what was free and easy. You know you have a whole rainy season to plant but you don’t want to plant then when dry season comes, you start praying for rain. What you are praying for now was easy, was a free gift and you know some people are just having children and aborting them. They have done 14 abortion, 12 abortion, another season will come, they are praying for one child.

Ladies listen to me! And men listen to me! If you are a Christian you need to take note of this! The season of courtship does not last and I advise every Christian woman don’t allow anybody push that season beyond 6 months if he is not ready, open your door be free for other people. 

When somebody starts coming and at the moment where you know that you like the person and you are saying something find out if he is serious about what he is doing because some people likes to play with other people’s life.

These are the Babylonian culture that is trying to come in into the kingdom and a lot of people have brought it in. This is the first area you need to correct your life.

If you are a young woman, stop being in the world of men. It doesn’t mean you cant have male friends and others. Build relationship with your fellow ladies, study about your future, marriage and all that but don’t be hanging around, every time you are visiting a guy, you are in his house, you go to spend the weekend, you are not a Christian! You are not practicing Christianity! Stop that! Let it end today! Tell God these are mistakes I made in my ignorance.

Pastor David Ogbueli, Senior Pastor Dominion City Worldwide

I don’t like girls, you need deliverance! You are a woman, you don’t like to be with your fellow women you need deliverance! Ask somebody that is matured to cast something. It might be a male spirit that is inside of you. You might even be a male inside and when you see deliverance session some times you see what is manifesting is a man but the body is a female, it is an evil spirit.

I told you that marriage is two dimensional; there is a spiritual side and a physical side. That spiritual side that is meant for God, evil spirit seeks to go and occupy it and so you meet the man but he is already married. So in the spiritual realm, he is supposed to be the bride of the Almighty God, the bride of Christ but he is already in adultery and it’s a demon.

And that demon cause / brings distortions and if they are wrongly married spiritually and they come into your life, your life is messed up because they bring that package But if the third cord is God, it brings stability to marriage because He is the one that authored marriage what this means is that there is a place in a human life that is for God that is not for human being, your husband cant fill that place and there is a place in your life for your spouse.

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