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The Only way’ Banditry, Killer Herdsmen can be stopped- Shiekh Gumi reveals

Shiekh Abubakar Gumi, a respected islamic scholar has revealed the only way the bandit/herdsmen crisis can be stopped in Nigeria.

Gumi, a controversial figure, in a recent statement seen by POLITICS NIGERIA disclosed that the menace can only be stopped with Amnesty. According to him, the same way the government quelled the Niger-Delta crisis with Amnesty is the only way to end the activities of bandits and killer Herdsmen.

The statement titled; “Zamfara: The Flaring Crisis”, read in part; “I have met many of the bandit leaders to see a way out of this gridlock. I have talked to the political class and security agents. Except for an exception, most state governors want a peaceful resolution of the conflict.”

“The Police and other security outfits have also realized the enormity of the problem. But, unfortunately, the presidency for what appears to be political gullibility and the military for budgetary reasons as they are the most beneficiary of conflicts of this nature doesn’t seem to be on the same page.”

“This conflict can be resolved by active engagement of the government with the agitators. Just as we saw how ENDSAR agitation was swiftly managed after an initial scandalous failed military confrontation, was peacefully resolved by the government, likewise, the herdsmen crisis can be.”

“Just as we had the Niger delta conflict resolved with an amnesty which comes with reconciliation, reparation, and rehabilitation packages, so will the herdsmen crisis be resolved. In fact, there is a need for a Marshal plan to educate the nomadic pastoralist so that no citizen is left behind.”

“These measures I enumerated are cheaper, easier, and lasting than the kinetic approach which is now taking place. No military especially of a poor economy can win guerrilla warfare. The recent victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan is a factual warning for those that contemplate.”

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