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Man Brought Down from a Mast after Threatening To Jump Down, if his family Fails to Get Him a Wife

Man brought down from a mast after saying he’d jump if his family fails to get him a wife

A man in Gombe state on Sunday, September 5, was brought down from a telecommunications mast after saying he’d jump if a woman is not married to him by his parent.
The man was said to have climbed the telecommunications mast in the central area of Gombe city in the early hours of Sunday, in protest at living as a bachelor despite being an adult. An eyewitness told Sahara Reporters that the young man may have been suffering from dprssion.

Operatives of the Fire Service, the police, and Civil Defence Corps appealed to him for over three hours to descend the mast which he obliged. However, in an interview with BBC Pidgin, the man explained that since the dath of his father seven years ago, he has been the one taking care of his mother and family members and was experiencing financial difficulties.

“After the dath of my father, I shouldered the responsibilities of taking care of everyone in my family. The Gombe state government was supposed to pay us some money since my father was a staff of the government but the money didn’t come I’ve been wanting to settle down but can’t afford the cost. So I climbed the mast to thr*aten my family members to get me a bride.”

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