Dear Men, Never Leave A Woman Who Did These 2 Things For You Out Of Love

Every man want to settle down with the best woman. Best woman as used here means a woman who has virtually all the qualities he want. These qualities may include good character, height, beauty and complexion.

 One thing is to meet a good woman, another thing is to remain connected to her no matter what happens. It is not enough to convince a woman to stay and struggle with you, the question you need to ask yourself is, will I marry her and forever love her?
No matter what happened, never let go of a woman who did the followings for you.

1. A woman who stood by you when you had nothing.
Some men can abandon a woman who helped and stood by them when they had nothing. This is very bad and should be discouraged at all levels.
When a man is poor and struggling, he will tend to appear very humble and kind. That is when he will start looking for true love. He will begin to look for a woman who can love him the way he is. A woman who can stay with him until his life gets better. Of course, this is the period to know if a woman truly loves you as a man.

But the question is, how many men will marry the woman who stood by them when they had nothing, when they start making money? Some men cannot. That is when they will notice that the woman is ugly, old or she is not their spec. If you are thinking of abandoning the woman who helped and stood by you when you had nothing, you need to think twice now.
A woman who stood by you when you had nothing was there on purpose. It does not mean that she is jobless, ugly or that she had no choice. It means that she truly loves you and would want to get married to you. Never abandon such a woman. Her kind is rare. If you have her, ensure that you get married to her.
2. A woman who assisted you financially.

That she helped you with her money when you had nothing does not mean that she doesn’t know what she can do with her money. It does not also mean that she is desperate, or that you are smarter than her. Do you know how many men she ignored before making that big decision of loving you? I guess you don’t know.

She sacrificed her time and her finance for you because she believed that the both of you will end up together. She believed that you are going to marry her.

It will only take love for a woman to give you money without requesting for a refund. That is to show you how much she loves you. Abandoning her now that you have money won’t be nice.

The best thing you can do for a woman who stood by you and helped you, especially financially is to give her good life when you make it. Marry her, make her a queen and show her love. With this, both of you will be happy and your marriage will attract positive attentions.

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