Dear Men, See Reason Why You Should Not Be Too Available For A Woman

As a man your main goal in life should be on focusing on yourself, focusing on your goals and focusing on your priorities and building value for yourself, a woman comes second. But some certain men nowadays put women first and forget to focus on what they are suppose to focus on.

Some guys are always too available for women and that is why women never respect them and never takes them serious. If you are too available for a woman, she would never take you serious.

Women are attracted to guys that are focused on themselves but how can you be focused on yourself when you are always wanting to be with her, you always want to call her and check up on her, and why are you even always calling her is she that important and ask yourself what value does this woman have to offer me, ask yourself is she the only woman in the world besides she is just like any other girl.

When you are always being available to a woman, when you always check up on her and wanting to spend all your time with her, she would notice and sense that you do not have anything meaningful and productive going on in your life and she would see you as being desperate and that you are not a man with high value, because a man of high value is focused on establishing himself, and the sad reality is that she would only date a man of high value but what you have been showing her is that you do not value yourself and your time.

A woman might entertain you spending time with her, but the thought of her getting into a relationship with you, with the way you are just so fully focused on her, would disgust her because once you start spending too much time with a woman, she begins to see you as a creepy, desperate and needy man with low standards and low self esteem.

Instead of being too focus on women, focus on building value for yourself and try to establish yourself because as a man your number one goal and priority in life is to establish and build value for yourself. A high value man does not spend all he’s time with even a woman he likes, he only spends a fraction of it.

When you build value for yourself, she would be the one always wanting to be with you and she would always be available for you. I am a victim of this, always being available and I can tell you it gets you no where.

Focus on becoming a high value men because women are only attracted to these type of men, not the once always wanting to spend time with them. Focus on yourself and watch the women start trying to get you and always being available for you, apply this new knowledge to you life and watch your dating game change.

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