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Christians Can Go To Nightclubs But They Should Not Do This – Daddy Freeze

It is believed by many people in Nigeria that places like nightclubs and hotels are not to be visited by morally upright individuals. This is because, at times, there are wrong things going on in the places which aren’t things to be proud of. For this reason, Daddy Freeze, a well known Social Commentator, took to going live on Instagram today to clarify some things about these misconceptions.

Daddy Freeze said there are many men of God who have painted going to hotels and nightclubs as being extremely sinful. He refuted them saying, “Christians can go to nightclubs but they need to be very mindful of what they do there.”

Daddy Freeze opines that if it was just to go to the nightclub and have a beautiful dance, it is not bad but going there to engage in immoral things is what he’s entirely against. He also added that if someone goes to the nightclub and drinks champagne a little, it isn’t sinful. To him, these are not extreme things.

Lastly, daddy Freeze added that people shouldn’t just follow what their pastors say without also seeking knowledge about it. He made mention of a Bible verse where those who didn’t seek knowledge before doing things end up perishing.

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