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Sh0cking: Pastor Resurrect A Dead Man From The Coffin (Video)

A certain pastor wakes two weeks dead up and that is amazing .

According to the family of the dead person, their son died for two weeks and he was put in mortuary

According to the pastor he said he got a dream and in the dream God told him to go and tell the family of that dead person to go and bring the dead body out from mortuary, so the family immediately went to the mortuary to bring the dead body to the house.

The pastor told them to put the dead body in a casket and bring him to his church so the family quickly put their son in a casket and sent him to the pastor’s church.

When they reached there the pastor told them to put him down and open it, they did that and the pastor mentioned the dead person name “his name” and shouted “wake up” three time, the third time the dead person opened him eyes and woke up, all the people in the church plus the dead person who was woke up starting to give thanks to God.

What Video Below:

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