Angel Reveals To White Money And Emmanuel The One Thing She Can’t Do While In The House (Video)

After the housemates had finished their Jacuzzi party, some gathered in the lounge before going to bed to have their normal round conversation and during that talk, Angel revealed to White Money, Emmanuel and Liquorose the one thing she can’t do in Biggie’s house. It all started when Angel sat down at White Money’s leg and Emmanuel asked does she wear underwear, Angel replied she doesn’t wear one and if they take off her cloth it’s straight penetration as she has already said it she would do anything in Big Brother’s house apart from intimacy. For her, she would just kiss one which she has already done and would hope to keep on kissing until she leaves the house.

When White Money asked who did she kiss, she mentioned everybody apart from Micheal, Emmanuel, Pere and White Money. After she revealed this, White Money told her she’s a star already. That made Liquorose ask why she doesn’t want to kiss White Money and she said because he doesn’t like kissing. 

White Money then told her what if she changes his mind and ask for a kiss, what would he do. Angel replied saying she would laugh and walk away because Queen would beat her. White Money told them they aren’t dating and in Biggie’s house everyone is a free market unless they are outside. 

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