4 Things To Expect From A Man Who Is Serious About Getting Married To You

There are always two types of men who approach ladies for marriage. These two types of men may appear to want the same thing, but they come with different strategies. They can be said to be, the serious ones and the players. The serious ones are truly in need of a wife, and they are serious about it. But the players only desire for the pleasure they will get when they are allowed to have access between a woman’s laps.

In order not to fall a victim of the later, there are many things a woman should expect from a man who is truly serious about getting married to her. This is because, the so called players will hide under the umbrella of gentlemen to strike, deceive and lure their target into sleeping with them. When they have successfully gotten what they have been looking for, the woman will become worthless to them. Those things you are to expect from a man who is serious about marrying you can be found below.

1. He must be making future plans with you.

If you are dating a man and he promises to marry you, but he doesn’t make future plans with you, he may not be serious about his promise of marrying you. It is expected that a man who is serious about marrying you must be making future plans with you.

He must always seek for your opinions before he makes decisions that will affect your marriage in the future. Plans like, how many children to have, where to spend your honeymoon, wedding plans and so on must involve you.

2. He must have you and you alone.

If your boyfriend who is promising that he will marry you still put eyes on the street in search of beautiful women, he is not ready to marry you. A man who really wants to settle down with you must respect himself and respect you as well. He must love you and and you alone.

If he is still double dating, yet he is telling you that you are the main wife to be, he is not being honest with you and with himself.

3. He must always open up to you.

It is expected that your prospective husband will always be open to you. He must not have anything to hide. He must be sincere and honest with you. If he hides something from you, you may have to disregard his marital promises.

4. He will propose, engage and marry you within the shortest time as possible.

First important thing to expect from a man who is serious about marrying you are proposal and engagement. When he proposes, he believes that you won’t disappoint him. When you accept to marry him, he will engage you with a ring. After few weeks or months, you both are expected to get married.

Marriage should not take several years to occur after engagement. Therefore, if he is serious and ready to marry you, he will do that as fast as possible.

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