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Man Catches His Wife in The ‘Act’ With a Man She Had Earlier Introduced as Her Relative

A 30-year-old man named Thomas was shocked after he caught his happily married wife engaging in the act with a man she earlier introduced as a relative.

According to Thomas, he fell in love with his lady and stayed for 3 years without having major issues. The journey was smooth until one point when Thomas caught his wife downloading another man’s picture on Social media, this prompted him to ask who the man was, without hesitation, the lady confidently said that the man was a relative and she found it better to have his pictures since they are bonded together by love.

Thomas could easily believe his wife because of the much love he had for her. However, Thomas started noticing strange behavior in his woman that made him question her credibility. One day, Thomas unexpectedly made a trip home and caught the two engaging in the act, he was shocked beyond words since the two decided to engage in the act during the day, and to make it even worse, they were doing the act in Thomas’s matrimonial bed.

Thomas could not believe that his wife cheated with someone she introduced to him as a relative, he wondered how it came to happen. Lastly, he decided to leave the room and ended the 3-year-old relationship, it is now 5 years since the incident took place and Thomas says he does not believe in love anymore.

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