3 Ways To Stop The Biafra Motherland Warrior From Becoming The ‘Taliban’ of South-East Region

Note: This Article Was Written By Homopoliticus_Bosco

Recently, it was reported that a new militant group has emerged in the South-East region of Nigeria. According to the Daily Trust, the group, identified as Biafra Motherland Warrior, is deadlier than the Eastern Security Network (ESN). It should be recalled that a couple of months ago, the entire South-East region was on fire as some unidentified gunmen alleged to be members of the ESN attacked and burned several police stations and some other government facilities in the region.


When it appeared like the unknown gunmen had been defeated, the Biafra Motherland emerged, posing a threat to the once-found peace in the South-East region. There is no doubt that if nothing is done to stop the group now, it may go on to become the Taliban of the region by imposing its rules, regulations, and ideology on the people. As such, I have outlined what I believe to be the 3 easiest ways to stop the Biafra Motherland Warrior now before it becomes comparable to the Taliban in Afghanistan. These are discussed below as:


1.   Return of a Stop-and-Search Operation in the South-East

At the peak of the unknown gunmen attack in the region, the Nigerian security agencies adopted a stop-and-search operation as one of its strategies in the fight against insecurity. Arguably, the strategy was effective as it made it difficult for arms to be moved from one location to the other. As such, a return of stop-and-search operation in the region would go a long way to limit the capacity of the new militant group.

2.   Dialogue With Youths and Stakeholders in the region

There is no doubt that dialogue still remains a very potent tool when it comes to resolving conflicts. Therefore, a town hall meeting between the government, youths, and stakeholders in the South-East region, would go a long way to enable the government and relevant authorities identify some of the issues that are responsible for the emergence of the Biafra Motherland Warrior.

3.   Work on the grievances of the people

It is arguable that dialogue alone may not be enough if nothing is done to resolve some of the issues raised during the meeting. As such, identifying key issues behind the grievances of the people, and working on them, would go a long way to end the agitations and activities of the new militant group in the region.

There is no doubt that there are several ways to stop the new militant group in the South-East from becoming a threat to peace in the South-East region. However, I am of the view that the 3 discussed above are easy ways as they may not necessarily involve the use of force or bloodshed. At the same time, they are known to be effective methods in the fight against agitations by armed groups. Therefore, these methods should be adopted and stop the Biafra Motherland Warrior now before it becomes the Taliban of Nigeria’s South-East region.

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