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Boyfriend Beat And Deform His Girlfriend Face For Coming To His House At The Wrong Time

When will this stop, women and children are killed daily by people who claim to love them, and things are getting out of control because even if they get reported the same people will be arrested but later will get out with bail as they say we all have rights, and it doesn’t matter if your right or wrong the law is the law? That’s why a lot of women who are abused are afraid to report them because they know at the end of the day the suspect will come back, and there’s a high possibility that they might come back and finish what they started, as they will be threatened by the victim.

However an Eyewitness has Allegedly share pictures of lady who was badly beats to Stupor by angry boyfriend.

According to the Narration:

Good evening

This is my Aunt who was brutally beaten by her boyfriend Lebohang Mbahishe for arriving at his place “at the wrong time” left her at the scene where she couldn’t even get up. He ran away afterwards leaving her for dead.

She was admitted to Hospital 30 August on Monday. She’s in a very bad condition , she can’t walk nor see because of the bruises. 🥺
Lebohang was arrested yesterday, but he was released Today. The justice system has failed women, once again.

This happened during Women’s Months, please help me expose this monster so he can pay for what he did to her. We are thankful and very grateful that she’s alive, but she could have died.
Please help us get justice for her 🙏🏾



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